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Priest Punches Groom's Brother During Wedding

What kind of person are you when even the priest wants to punch you?

The church of the incident  & the couple at their wedding, Cyprus Mail
The church of the incident & the couple at their wedding, Cyprus Mail

The wedding ceremony occurred in an idyllic church located in Tsada in Paphos, Cyprus on Saturday 11th June but not everything went as planned as after the wedding ceremony the couple had to file a complaint against the governing body of the church as they alleged that the priest commemorating the wedding ceremony punched the Groom's brother and also the best man, 22, in the face.

The Cyprus Mail reports that during the Isaiah Dance, a dancing ceremony traditional to Eastern Orthodox Church where guest circle an altar, an overzealous guest pushed the Groom's brother in a friendly manner into the dance. During the push the priest became angry put his prayer book down and punched the groom's brother in the face and left him bleeding. 

Other family members got involved in the ruckus leaving the priest to be involved in a mass brawl.

The brawl eventually settled and the wedding ceremony carried on, immediately after it was completed the priest hastily scuttled off without being seen again.

The Groom's brother was taken to a local hospital to treat his wounds but did not suffer serious injuries.

The priest whereabouts have been unconfirmed but the couple decided to file a complaint with the head of the church.

Below is an unrelated video depicting the "Dance of Isaiah".

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