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8 Men Rob A Small Jewellery Store

8 men are caught on surveillance footage robbing a jewellery store in India

How many are too many people when robbing a jewellery store? Well, by the look at the above footage eight seemed like too many.

The robbery took place on the 8th of June, in a small Jewellery store, named 'Radhe Shyam Soni Jewellery shop', located in Kaitur, India.

The brazen robbers decided to conduct their heist in the middle of the day. The eight men arrived on four bikes, four of the men went inside the store to steal cash and Jewellery, whilst the other four stood guard outside. The jewellery store at one point looks like it's bursting at the seems as it's filled with robbers, customers and  employees.

Too many robbers!, surveillance footage
Too many robbers!, surveillance footage

It seemed like these men invited their entire circle of friends to help them in the store robbery, not the smartest of ideas as the more people involved in the criminal activity, the more likely it is for the police to catch an individual.

The robbers were able to steal 10,000,000 rupees (£105,000, $150,000) worth of gold and silver ornaments, jewellery and cash from the store, that divides between eight of the robbers works out to be 1250000 rupees ( £13,000, $19,000) a nice profit for the 8 individuals but could have been a lot more money between far fewer people.

The Times of India have reported that the local police wee able to identify a couple of the individuals from previous crimes but are still investigating the robbery, no arrests have been made so far.

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