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Soviet Tank Crashes Into Nightclub

A nightclub owners attempt to place a tank inside his club goes very wrong

A tank in a nightclub? this is clearly an incident of "measure once and cutting twice". Aren't these vehicles made to bulldoze through buildings? What was the driver of the tank thinking?

The vehicular calamity occurred at a nightclub, Mono Club in Szubin, Poland on Monday the 6th of June. The club owner identified only as, Rafal, 38-years-old, is seen practising driving the tank outside of his club in the facebook video he uploaded.

The tank was going to be used for a party occurring at the club on Saturday the 11th of June, for an event commemorating Poland's first free elections.

Soviet Tank, Mono Club/Facebook
Soviet Tank, Mono Club/Facebook

The nightclub owner can be seen in the video trying to rehearse the entrance of the tank at the end of the video. Around the 13 minute mark the tank drives over a fire placed outside of the club, it turns the corner and speeds directly into the entrance of the club. The tank wedges itself in between to pillars and crashes through the main doors of the club. It is then stuck at the end of the video struggling to move out of its predicament. The nightclub owner then climbs out of the tank to see the destruction he has caused.

The authorities got involved in the matter but concluded that Rafal, wasn't under the influence whilst driving the tank so no arrests were made. Rafal claimed on Facebook that the damage to the building wasn't major as only the front doors and a wall had to be replaced. the current event on Saturday has been postponed but will be rescheduled at a later date.

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