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Seagull Turns Orange After Falling Into Curry

A seagull turns bright orange after falling into a vat of warm curry

Korma the Gull, Vale/Facebook
Korma the Gull, Vale/Facebook

The incident occurred in a factory located in Beckford, Wales, on Thursday the 9th of June. a seagull flew into a waste container of Chicken tikka masala which was cooling down.

Lucy Kells, 41, veterinary nurse,  was part of the Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre (Vale Wildlife Rescue) which rescued the seagull, she posted the story on Facebook. Lucy deduced that the bird was fishing for chicken inside the curry and managed to slip in, after an overly eager attempt.

Lucy quipped about the smell of the curry on the seagull, "I don't think any of us have experienced such an orange greasy gull to deal with before... but boy did he smell good!"

Lucy managed to clean up the seagull washing all the orange off of the bird but sadly she sad that he had an upset tummy due to all the curry it ate.

Lucy seeing the funny side of the story asked if anyone could find a curry related name for the bird, She thought of "Korma the Gull".

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