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Frog Airlifted After Being Run Over By Lawnmower

A lawnmower accident causes life-threatening injuries to tiny tree frog

A tree frog was run over by a lawnmower in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia. Min Tims who felt guilty for the frogs injuries had it airlifted to a frog hospital 500 miles away. This story is already a little farfetched, an airlift for a tree frog which isn't even a pet? Strange.

Min Tims was mowing her lawn when she accidentally ran over a tiny green tree frog, she was devastated at the sight of the bleeding frog, which had just endured a large gash on its head from the rotary blades of the mower.

Min Tim's niece, Felicia Morgan, heard of her Aunties story and contacted a Cairns Frog Hospital located 500 miles away, she spoke to a veterinarian and decided the best way to get to the hospital was to book a flight. Felicia got on to the earliest flight to Cairn and took the injured frog to the frog specialist Hospital.

Frog recovering, supplied
Frog recovering, supplied

The veterinarians and nurses a the hospital healed the frogs wounds and removed any bacteria in case of infection. The frog was left partially blind in one eye due to the injury it sustained. The frog was eventually well enough to leave the hospital and was taken back to Min Tim's home in Mount Isa.

Min Tim now keeps the frog in a fish tank and feeds it a special diet. Felicia Morgan told the Brisbane Times, "My Aunty is going to monitor him until he can make it back to the wild and because he is partially blind in one eye we need to make sure he gets his food and stays protected".

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