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Students Hatch A Chicken Without The Egg

Students wrap cracked egg in cling film and successfully hatch a chick

Does this experiment answer the age-old question of what came first the chicken or the egg? No, not really but we now know there is no longer a need for the eggshell as Japanese high school students demonstrate, in the above video, that they can recreate the environment of inside the eggshell using cling film and an incubation unit.

Egg out of the shell, Youtube
Egg out of the shell, Youtube

The video begins by the student stretching out the plastic cling film so it can properly hold the egg. They then gently crack the egg, making sure no to break the yolk and place it in the plastic film bed. They then cover the cracked egg with another layer of cling film creating a see-through plastic shell, the edges are burnt to seal the egg from outside bacteria.

After the eggs are placed inside the incubation unit it takes three days for the egg embryo to develop a heart. The tiny heart can be seen pumping blood through the embryo's veins. As the days pass on the embryo's features look more apparent, the video below shows a clearer representation of the same experiment with a moving embryo.

On the 21st day the chick is ready to hatch and can be seen at the end of the video running around the laboratory floor, sadly, the video doesn't actually show the process of the chick breaking through the plastic film.

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