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Monkey Steals Cash From Jewellery Store

A conniving monkey manages to steal 10,000 rupees out of a cash register after waiting outside fo store front for door to open

If you see a wild animal waiting outside of your door, the best decision is not to feed the animal or open the door for it a rule these shop owners didn't abide.

A jewellery store heist occurred in Andhra Pradesh, India, by a 2 foot tall, slim built, long-tailed, hairy monkey. The monkey was able to get away with 10,000 rupees (£100, $150) and is yet to be apprehended.

The monkey was spotted outside of the building by the shop owner, he decided to feed the small animal some fruit he had lying around in the shop. The shop owner placed the fruit beside the monkey and closed the door . The monkey grabs the fruit but is more intrigued by the moving door as he pushes on to it, managing to enter the jewellery shop.

The monkey makes himself at home inside the jewellery shop as he jumps onto the counter and makes his way on top of the shop clerk's chair.

Monkey thief,  OneIndia News/Youtubews
Monkey thief,  OneIndia News/Youtube

The monkey peruses the store inquisitively as he lays his eyes on the top drawer of the desk and yanks at the handle. The drawer flings open brandishing a heap of cash, the monkey grabs a handful of notes and places them in his mouth. The owner notices the theft and tries to grab the monkey as it jumps on top of the counter.

The monkey then hastily makes its escape out of the store and up the stairs leaving the owners stunned at what had just occurred.

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