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The Search For Mcdonald's Golden Chicken Nugget Begins

Will you be able to find the golden chicken nugget?

Golden Nuggets, McDonalds Japan
Golden Nuggets, McDonalds Japan

The hunt is on after Mcdonalds Japan announce a new promotional campaign of an 18carat golden nugget being placed randomly inside a box of chicken McNuggets.

The golden nugget weighs 1.8 ounces which make it roughly worth around $1,500(£1040).

The campaign is being arranged to promote the introduction two new flavours of sauce Fruit Curry and Creamy Cheese, I guess people would need have a large incentive to try those flavours

How do you enter? Easy, just buy a box of 6 chicken nuggets.

 The contest to win find the nugget lasts from June 8 to June 28.

There is also a chance for one Twitter follower per day to win 39 days of free chicken nuggets by following clues of who the identity of the "Mysterious Nugget Thief", featured in their latest ad, clues are given via Mcdonalds Japan Twitter account.

Wait! 39-days of free chicken nuggets? Assuming that 6 nuggets a day, that is a whopping total 234 chicken McNnuggets!  That's about 20 whole chickens worth of meat, hopefully, chicken.

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