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Cafe Owner Evicts Customers With Vile Fart

A cafe owner has discovered a new way to clear out his customers at closing time

A shop owner running what looks like an internet cafe from an undisclosed location has found a disgusting way of clearing out its customers at closing time.

The incident was caught on CCTV and shows a shirtless shop owner growing impatient with his customers whilst coming up with an ingenious plan to evacuate the building in quick speed.

Instead of announcing the end of the day to the customer he decided to pull his pants down and give customers an unfiltered fart in their directions. This could be considered a chemical attack in some part of the world.

Toxic fart, Ima Pirate/LiveLeak
Toxic fart, Ima Pirate/LiveLeak

There is a moment during the release of the fart being released and the shop owner walking back into his office when nobody has smelt the toxic fumes but the fart swiftly infuses with the air engulfing the patrons with the foul odor.

Hands begin to cover faces, shirts go over noses as customers understand the predicament they've been put in 

The owner sits in the back smug whilst the customers quickly pack their things and run away from the vile odor perfuming throughout the cafe.

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