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Boy Calls Police After Dad Runs Red Light

6-year-old calls 911 after noticing his dad running red lights in his mom's brand new car

The incident occurred in Quincy, Massachusetts, on Saturday the 28th Of May, a 6-year-old named Robert Richardson called the police whilst he was out running a few errands with his father and reported to the police that his father was running red lights.

The phone call to the police begins with the 6-year-old sitting in his dad's vehicle and stating to the dispatcher on the other end "Daddy went past a red light". He goes on to describe the vehicle his dad is driving, saying " he has a black truck, it was in the brand new car, my mommy's car".

He opens up to the officer and says that he and his dad had to go to the car wash and on route to the destination his dad ran a red light. The dispatcher requests to speak to the father driving the vehicle.

When the father realises it's the police on the other end of the phone he immediately apologises for his son's actions, the police dispatcher tells the dad that his son reported him running a red light the dad laughs in embarrassment. The father apologises for running the red light and puts the phone down.

The dad has to live the rest of his life knowing his son is a snitch.

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