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Firefighters Free Man's Head From Washing Machine

Chinese Man gets his head stuck in a washing machine, firefighter free him

Have you ever been in a dilemma when you have a malfunctioning  large appliance and you need to have a better look, so you take a peek inside? Yeah, well this Chinese man took it one step further and stuck his whole head inside a washing machine.

The incident occurred on May 29th, Sunday afternoon the Fujian Fire Department stated on Weibo that a man from Fuqing city, Fujian Province, China attempted to fix his washing machine. 

He stuck his head into the appliance and his head got stuck inside the rolling drum unit of the washing machine, his roommate tried to aid him removing his head out of the washing machine but to no avail. 

Head stuck in washing machine, CCTV+/YouTube
Head stuck in washing machine, CCTV+/YouTube

Soon after the firefighters were contacted to help the man out of his predicament. The firefighters used a metal cutter to break the metal exterior of the washing machine. They then used blades and scissors to cut through the plastic casing around the drum. The man was freed after 40 minutes of firefighters arriving at the scene, he suffered no injuries.

The scene is very reminiscent of a child getting his head stuck in between some railings but the difference is the incident happened to an adult man and he should no better that in no circumstance to ever put your head that deep into anything that rotates.

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