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Man Pays Speeding Tickets With Pennies

A disgruntled man who received a speeding ticket decides to take advantage of the situation by paying the fine with pennies

Brett Sanders, who resides in Texas received uploaded a video to youtube of him paying a speeding  fine with only pennies. He received a speeding fine of $212(£145) and paid the fine with over 21,000 pennies.

Brett became disgruntled not just by the fines but because he claims that was extorted into paying the fines by the police as he had a shotgun pointed at him during the stop. His disgruntlement increased as he further states  the police stopped him when he was travelling at 39 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone.

At the start of the video he calls up Chase Bank and requests them to have his pennies ready, He collects his $212 worth of pennies from the bank and displays them to the viewers as boxes upon boxes pile up and rolls of pennies roll out of them. He breaks open the pennies out of their packaging using a hammer.

He shovels in black spray painted buckets labelled "Extortion Money" and "Policing For Profit" with the pennies and heads over to the Municipal court office.

Too many pennies, Brett Sanders
Too many pennies, Brett Sanders

Once he arrives to pay the fines he speaks tot he lady at the counter to confirm the speeding ticket, then goes back to the car park to retrieve the two bucket-load of pennies. He empties the pennies on the counter and walks out telling the cashier to "send me the receipt in the mail" as he exits.

4 hours later he receives a call from the office stating he overpaid by $7.81, he tell them that they can keep the change.

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