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The Emoji Bible: Scripture 4 Millenials

The new Testament has been translated into Emoji language so Christianity can better relate with millennials

The Emoji Bible
The Emoji Bible

No, this isn't a Bible for those who want to follow the words and teachings of the original happy face emoticon but it is actually the King James version of the Bible, translated into the modern picture based language of the Emoji.

This either is an attempt to better relate to millennials who apparently must be struggling to read regular English or an attempt by the producer to make the Bible seem more hip and cool or the third most likely option to make a load of money.

The Emoji Bible comes in at 3300 pages long and includes all 66 books, so still a book which will keep you reading for hours at a time but the emoji's humorously entertain you throughout the journey.

The creators of the Bible Emoji told The Memo regarding the process of translating the Emoji language into the bible , "Eventually I created an actual translator program with a list of 80 different emoji icons, and 200 corresponding words. In addition: I built in some common shorthand — so that “and” became &, and “first” became 1st."

The Emoji Bible: Scripture 4 Millenials was released on iBooks on 29th of Sunday at the very affordable price of $2.99(£2.00).

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