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Hacker Pranks Couple Using Their Own Laptop

Hacker breaks into German couples laptop and uses the camera and speakers to prank couple

A hacker hacks into a German Couples Laptop whilst they are reportedly vacationing in America.

The elderly couple unknowingly had their laptop hacked and the prankster makes the couple believe their house is haunted. The prankster starts making strange "OOOOOOh" ghostly sounds trying to attract the attention of the couple upstairs. The couple, hear the noise but don't know where it's coming from. The prankster announces loudly, "I'm at the pool table", this alerts the husband to come downstairs into the basement area to inspect the supernatural sounds. He takes a look around for a few seconds and scratches his head but cant spot anything unusual.

The husband enters another room and the prankster lightly repeats the words "kill, kill" trying to gain the attention of the elderly husband. The husband gives up on the search and goes back upsdatirs, halfway up the staircase the prankster makes a few more sound requiring the elderly man to take another look in the basement, doing so for a quick few glances goes back upstairs and switches the lights off.  

Spooky haunted laptop, ImJustHereForThePizza/LiveLeak
Spooky haunted laptop, ImJustHereForThePizza/LiveLeak

The prankster trying not to lose his attention begins to repeat strange sounds mixed with the words "kill" to gain the curiosity of the residents. The man's third attempt to find the noise in the basement leads his wife to believe the sounds are coming from the laptop but the husband shoots down her statement by stating "The computer is not on". Eventually, the wife makes her way downstairs as the prankster repeats a few of his trademark spooky phrases. After messing with the couple some more with the phrase "Guten morgen" the scene starts again later that day but upstairs in the living room. 

The hacker begins to play loud german music to attract the attention of the couple. The wife tries to see what is happening from the other room keeping a cautious distance. The husband now aware of where the sound is coming from, attempts to turn off the laptop.

The scene begins in the same room but later on. The prankster using an Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard repeats the phrase "Hello, Cutie pie" gaining the attention of the couple again. The elderly man conversates with the soundboard until he turns off the laptop for the final time.

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