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Cheetah With A Gopro

Wildlife experts place a GoPro camera on the back of a cheetah running a high speed

A Zoo in Ohio named Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens are giving the world a first person perspective of what it's like to be a cheetah.

Zoo workers have strapped their resident cheetah, Savannah with a GoPro camera on her back. This is believed to be the first time it's been done, it will give everybody an idea of what it's like being the fastest land animal on earth.

All the Cheetahs in the enclosure are hand raised by humans so are pretty docile in comparison to cheetahs in the wild. The very tame cheetah allows the workers to tightly place the harness for the GoPro camera around her waist.

Savannah the Cheetah, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Savannah the Cheetah, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Cheetahs are able to run up to speeds of 110 - 120km (68 - 75 mph) in short bursts

The cheetah begins to run and to be frank the footage is a little disappointing as there is a lot of shaking and shuddering. Usually, the regular side shot of a cheetah running displays a more elegant beast but the first person perspective shows that the ride is a lot wilder.

To sum up the video it looks like a house-cat running in the garden with the footage being played in fast forward mode, which is pretty cool but not that amazing.

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