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Bees Attempt To Rescue Their Queen

Bees chase a car for two days to rescue their queen who was trapped in the car

The incredible act of loyalty occurred at Haverfordwest, Wales when a hive of 20,000 bees stuck to the outside of a silver Mitsubishi Outlander for two days because their queen bee was trapped. the vehicle belonged to a grandmother, Carol Howarth, 65, she asked assistant of locals in the area, reported by Milford Mercury.

Carol drove the car for two miles but unfortunately for her more bees gathered and stuck onto the back of her vehicle.

Bee infestation, Tom Moses/Facebook
Bee infestation, Tom Moses/Facebook

She was parked in the town centre when Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Ranger Tom Moses posted a video of the bees covering a portion of the back of a car on Facebook. The car was situated there for two days before Tom decided to contact a be collector, Roger Burns of the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association. Roger Collected the bees and placed them into a cardboard box. the cardboard box flew open and bees again covered the vehicle.

Grievously, no one was able to find the location of the queen bee after suspecting it was stuck somewhere on or in the car.

Carol contacted a professional Bee collector who used a bee smoker to rid carol of her bee infestation, he spent three hours removing the bees from the car.

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