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Man Successfully Deep Fries Water

A man conducts a potentially dangerous experiment of deep frying water

Jonathan Marcus from Massachusetts conducted a very strange experiment on Youtube, he tried to deep-fry water. This was a replication of the experiment he conducted at the 2-day event "Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon 2.0" in San Fransisco, where he gave free deep fried water balls out to attendees. 

This isn't an experiment that you want to try at home as deep frying water can be potentially explosive.

His experiment began by solidifying the water through the process of frozen reverse spherification. Spherification occurs when you mix a liquid substance with a gelatinase thickener such as sodium alginate or calcium chlorate and drop the mixture into an oil to gain its sphere shape. Frozen reverse spherification, the method used in the experiment, works by the user mixing the water with a thickening agent, then freezing the mixture and dropping it into an alginate bath, still with me? Good.

After making the sphered water, Johnathan moves onto the easy but dangerous part. Jonathan covers the water blob in flour, egg and then drops it into a bowl of breadcrumbs to give it a panko crust. He drops the battered water in a deep fryer filled with peanut oil that is kept at a constant heat of 375f(190c). The temperature is very important as if it rises any higher the crust could fracture and water mixture could explode.

Deep fried water, Johnathan Marcus/Youtube
Deep fried water, Johnathan Marcus/Youtube

Johnathan takes out the deep fried water in its golden brown glory. He cuts into the fried ball and unsurprisingly water leaks out, the experiment is a success.

He tastes the fired ball and declares it the blandest fried thing he's ever tasted, even sipping the water and stating, "Yep, tastes like water". 

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