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Rejected Motorist Throws Golf Balls At Woman Whilst Driving

A video clip has surfaced online of a man driving past a woman throwing golf balls at her after being turned down

On Saturday the 21st May, an unnamed 25-year-old woman was driving down the M1 in Nerang, Queensland when she came alongside a man in a blue Ford Falcon, who made flirtatious advances towards her, by waving at her, blowing kisses and winking, reported by Australian Yahoo news. He was rejected by the 25-year-old woman and this is when his road rage began.

Unidentified man throwing golf balls, Keith Cornwall/Facebook
Unidentified man throwing golf balls, Keith Cornwall/Facebook

Reportedly, the unidentified man drove up to her in his blue car and was seen reaching back into the passenger seat grabbing a white object. He throws the object whilst travelling at 60mph at the 25-year-old ladies car. The lady turns her dash cam to the side to record the incident further. The lady yells out "Are you actually kidding me?" when she notices that the man is throwing golf balls at her at high speed.

The video was posted on a 'name and shame bad drivers, Australia' Facebook Group by Keith Cornwall, a friend of the lady's brother. The video had been edited with a voiceover, with the 25-year-old woman stating this is "This is what happens when you don't let men flirt with you".

The man was later been caught and has been unidentified apart from his age, 24. He was arrested by the police and charged with endangering the safety of a vehicle by throwing an object, as well as wilful damage, he will face trial on the 15th of June

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