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Camel Bites Owners Head Off After Being Left In The Heat

A camel was tied up outside all day during a heatwave in India when the owner came back the camel bit his head off

The incident happened on Saturday 21st, located at the Barmer district, Rajasthan, India, during one of the hottest heatwaves recorded in the country.

A camel owner who has been identified as Urjaram had tied his camel by its legs outside of his homes before the arrival of his guests. Once his guests had arrived he had stayed inside the house entertaining them for several hours, forgetting about his camel he had tied outside.

Camel with it owner in Rajasthan, File Picture/Jeevan
Camel with it owner in Rajasthan, File Picture/Jeevan

Nearing the night, Urjaram remembered he had left his camel outside in the blistering heat for the better part of the day. He went outside to free the animal but to his surprise, the camel wasn't very pleased to see him. The camel bit Urjaram on his head and hoisted him off the ground and then threw him back down . The camel then gnawed at his neck severing his head from his body, killing him instantly.

The camel violent past has been noted as villagers later revealed that it wasn't the only time the camel had attacked Urjaram, reported by The Times Of India.

His guests and other villagers came out to stop the animal in its rampage. It took 25 villagers 6 hours to calm the animal down.

Below, is an unrelated video fo a camel grabbing and throwing a man.

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