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Cops Pepper Spray Student Due To Expired Elevator Pass

A video of Police Brutality towards a student has surfaced online

The surveillance footage of an incident which occurred in December 2015, involving the pepper spraying of a student by a police officer has surfaced online. The incident occurred at Cass Technical High School, Detroit, after a police officer discovered that a 15-year-old female student, who hasn't been named had an expired elevator pass.

The surveillance footage shows a police officer dragging the student by her back collar whilst she has her phone in her hand. He pushes her against a wall as she struggles to gain her footing he then throws her away from the wall as the student drops her phone, he picks it up and puts it into his pocket. He places her into the corner of the hallway as another police officer approaches. The officer then pepper sprays her whilst she is on the floor, reportedly because she was scared to go with the police.

Cass Technical High School, Google Street View
Cass Technical High School, Google Street View

The student had to be taken to the hospital as she suffered from asthma. She was suspended for 30 days by the school for both insubordination and assaulting the officer. She was criminally charged for assaulting the officer as the officer claimed she tried to bite him.

A complaint was filed after the incident and The Detroit Public Schools Police Department conducted a thorough 68-page long investigation in response to the video, justifying the behaviour of the police officer. Judge Rhodes, who looked over the case stated that she "reviewed the video, documentation involved in this investigation and is satisfied that this matter was appropriately addressed by the Detroit Public Schools Police Department." 

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