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Mother Punched Son Over Wrong Burrito Order

A West Virginian woman punched her son after receiving the wrong toppings on her burrito

On May 13th Loretta Lynn Armstrong, 48, from Milton, West Virginia had requested her son to go to Taco Bell and order Burritos. Her 15-yer-old son went to the local Taco Bell and ordered the wrong toppings for his mother's burrito. When the 15-year-old arrived home with the burrito, his mother was not pleased. A loud argument erupted from inside the house and the police wee contacted over a domestic dispute, reported by The Herald-Dispatch.

Loretta Lynn Armstrong, West Virginia Regional Jail
Loretta Lynn Armstrong, West Virginia Regional Jail

When the Milton Police arrived at the scene the mother was punching her child in the face. The police tried to intervene and arrest Loretta but she threw herself to the ground and complained of chest pains. She began to rant at the top of her voice screaming and yelling that she was having a heart attack.

The police contacted emergency crew who were able to perform an electrocardiogram(EKG), a test which checks for electrical activity of your heart, the results concluded that Loretta was not, in fact, having a heart attack.

It took the police three hours to arrest Ms. Armstrong, she was charged with a felony child abuse and misdemeanor counts of obstruction, intimidating a public official and disorderly conduct. The police reports stated that they were not able to handle Loretta due to her behaviour so the Magistrates court decided to send her straight to jail with a $31,000(£21,000) cash bond.

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