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Police Use Bulldozer To Crush Illegal Motorbikes & Atvs

The NYPD have uploaded a video to their facebook page of them crushing confiscated motorbikes and ATVs

The NYPD decided to live stream the crushing of a dozen confiscate illegal motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles(ATVs). This comes after New York mayor, Bill DeBlasio , promised in April to crush the noisy vehicles, as he stated, “We are going to crush them on TV to make a point”, point proven.

In total, the NYPD managed to confiscate over 700 offroad motorbikes and ATVs. They decided to use a bulldozer to drive over the vehicles crushing them under its weight. The video of the crushing was posted onto their facebook page with the hashtag #UseitAndLoseit.

The crushing of the bikes, NYPD/Facebook
The crushing of the bikes, NYPD/Facebook

The scene began when William Bratton, the NYPD Commissioner and a group of police officers inspected their confiscated loot. Commissioner Bratton then took the stage to a podium where he waved a chequered flag signalling to begin the carnage. The Bulldozer steamrolled over the bikes symbolically in quick fashion as it didn't manage to crush the bikes completely, that job will most likely be left to the junkyard. 

The commissioner and a number of officers ceremoniously checked the ran over bikes and left the scene.

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