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Tourists Put Bison Calf In Car As It Was Cold, Later Euthanized

Tourists in Yellowstone put a calf in their car because they thought it was cold, it was later rejected from its herd and killed

Two tourists, a father and son from outside of the United States, were visiting Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming spotted a 235kg(500lb) baby calf wondering the parkland. The tourists, who should remain at least 25 metres away from the animals, believed the calf looked cold, so they decided it needed to be rescued and loaded the baby bison to the back of their Toyota sequoia and drove it to a rangers station.

Baby Bison, Karen Richardson/Facebook
Baby Bison, Karen Richardson/Facebook

The temperature for the day in National park ranged from 4C(39 F) to 10C(50F), we have to assume that it was the colder part of the day when the 'animal rescuing duo' loaded the back of their SUV with livestock.

On route to the rangers station they were told by another visitor that they should put the bison back as they could get in trouble for their actions but the father and son ever vehement in their vigilantism, decided to carry on. When they arrived at the rangers station, a lady said they were demanding to see the rangers as they truly believed the Bison was dying of the cold East Idaho News.

The duo were fined $110 by the park ranger for transporting the animal. The ranger took the calf from their vehicle and dropped the calf back to it original location.

It was not a happy ending for the baby bison as when it returned from its field trip, it was rejected from its herd. The rangers tried their best in trying to reunite the calf with its mother but to no avail. The baby bisons are dependent on their mother's milk but due to the rejection, the calf began wondering in the middle of the road looking for food from visitors, the rangers had to euthanize the animal to save it from starving to death.

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