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Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, 9th - 15th May 2016

Here is our weekly countdown of the weirdest news stories to be reported

5 - Never Eat Corn With A Drill

This hilarious video shows a Chinese woman completely failing in the corn drill challenge. Click Here To Read

4 - Budweiser Changes It's Name To America

Possibly the biggest new story to come out this week but it's only a temporary name change for Budweiser or should I say America. Click Here To Read


3 - Man Urinates On Holy Books In Hospital Synagogue

A disgusting act committed by a man inside a hospital makes it to our number three spot. The man is recorded relieving himself over sacred texts. Click Here To Read

2 - Students Caught Using Spy Gadgets To Cheat On Medical Exam

Three Thai students have been banned from entering the medical field after a 'Mission Impossible' style of cheating on their entrance exams. If they tried this hard revising they might've passed. Click Here To Read

1 - Man Arrested After Teaching Dog Nazi Salute

A man posts a video of himself teaching his girlfriend's dog a Nazi Saule he is subsequently arrested after the police see the video. Click Here To Read

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