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Man Holds On To A Helicopter As It Takes Off

A Kenyan Man holds on to the landing skis of a helicopter as it takes off in an act of protest

The helicopter in the video is holding the body of wealthy businessman Jacob Juma who was murdered on May 5th whilst o route to a political meeting, he was killed with two gunshots to his chest. The controversial killing of Jacob Juma sparked mass upset in Western Kenya.

Man holds on, David Fwamba/Youtube
Man holds on, David Fwamba/Youtube

The video shows an unidentified man from Bugoma, Kenya,  grabbing on to the landing skis of a helicopter taking flight. When the helicopter takes off, from Bungoma Posta grounds, it is seen losing balance due to the extra weight. The helicopter tries to hover at a lower height te help the man off of the landing skis but the man keeps a firm grip. The helicopter then flies off into the skies with the man  vehemently anchored onto the landing skis. It has been reported that later the man let go and was seriously injured.

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