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Villagers Band Together To Move House

Now this is what you call a team effort

Duly noted, the term moving house means something completely different dependent on where you live.

A video, uploaded by Rattanakamnerd Wongwarangkoon to Facebook, has surfaced online showing that when a group of people combines their efforts they can move mountains, well not mountains but very large houses.

The short clip shows a house which is on stilts being moved by an entire community of people. It looks as though there are over 50 people holding up the house by its wooden poles and moving it roughly 20-30 metres away.

Villager move house, Rattanakamnerd Wongwarangkoon/Facebook
Villagers move house, Rattanakamnerd Wongwarangkoon/Facebook

It is unknown the precise location for the house moving as some sources claim it occurred in a village in Thailand whilst others claim it occurred in a village in Indonesia, still wherever it happened, it sure is impressive.

On second thought what if they're actually stealing someone's house?

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