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Pizza Hut Deliver To The Top Of Mount Kilimanjaro

At first glance I don't think this delivery took just 30 minutes

How many men does it take to deliver a Pizza? Well if it's up a 19,341foot tall mountain then 5 men plus one to hold a camera to record your feat.

Pizza Hut is out breaking pointless records again. Why? because it's very easy publicity. All you have to do is pay a bunch of poor African men to trek a treacherous mountain and put your brand all over it, BOOM! Profit!

The 5 men celebrating with pizza, Yum! brands inc/Youtube
The 5 men celebrating with pizza, Yum! brands inc/Youtube

There is a supposed actual reason for setting the record, it's in celebration of Pizza Hut opening it store in Tanzania which also marks Pizza Hut being in exactly 100 countries.

the climb took four days to complete and the pizza was kept warm via a battery-powered heater. The men also consumed the four-day-old pizza atop of the mountain. FOUR-DAY-OLD PIZZA!? Can't you get food poisoning from that? It's probably stuffed with enough preservatives to keep Tutankhamun alive in his tomb.

The record was recorded by the Guinness World Records® and Pizza Hut gained the title for 'the highest altitude pizza delivery on land' after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

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