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Domino’s Delivery Saves Customer’s Life After 11 Day Absence

Kirk Alexander hadn't ordered his regular Domino's pizza in 11 days a delivery man came to check on him saving his life

Kirk Alexander, 48, from Salem Oregon,  is a well-known customer and a regular at the Domino's branch located at Silverton Road. His regular orders had stopped for 11 days which grew the concerns of employees working at the fast food establishment.

Dominos on Silverton Road, Google Street View
Dominos on Silverton Road, Google Street View

The two managers of the store, Sarah Fuller, Jenny Seiber , had discussed the absence of their regular customer and decided to give him  a call to check on him, the call went straight to voicemail. the managers sent driver Tracey Hamblen to his home which was located only 6 minutes away.

When Tracey, got to Kirk's home, he noticed the lights were on inside so she rang the doorbell but there was no answer.

Concerned, Tracey called 911 to get the aid of the police. When Marion County sheriff's deputies arrived they found Kirk unconscious on the floor, appearing like he suffered a stroke but his actual illness has not yet been reported. He was taken to the hospital where he is recovering and is in stable condition, he was also visited by employees from his local Domino's

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