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Drunk Toddler Found Near Passed Out Dad

A Georgia father, Marcus Daniel Allen, has been found passed out drunk next to his intoxicated toddler

On the 7th of May, Marcus Daniel Allen, 20, from Gainesville, Georgia was found passed out drunk by a family member whilst at home babysitting his 3-year old son. The toddler was seen to be moving lethargically and smelling of alcohol, the family member decided to contact the police.

Location of the Incident, Google Street View
Location of the Incident, Google Street View

When the police arrived they investigated the situation to discover Marcus was drinking a fruity cocktail through a straw and when he had passed out drunk, his son took sips of the alcoholic beverage, leaving the child in an intoxicated state.

Both father and son were taken to the hospital where it had been discovered that the 3-year-old's blood-alcohol intoxication level was twice that of the legal driving limit for an adult, which is over 0.16% and another sip of alcohol could have potentially killed the toddler.

Reported by WXIA, Gainesville Police Deputy Chief Jay Parrish told the station. "Had the child ingested more alcohol, it could have been fatal."

Marcus Daniel Allen, Gainesville Police Department
Marcus Daniel Allen, Gainesville Police Department

Whilst in the hospital the father of the child, Marcus tried to make an escape through the hospital car park but was apprehended by the police. Marcus was subsequently arrested and charged with a felony count of child cruelty and because he is under the legal drinking age he has also been charged with drinking whilst under the legal age limit.

The 3-year-old is recovering with his mother.

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