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French Company Open Bar Staffed Entirely Of Dogs

Kronenbourg 1664 will open a pop-up bar in London serving their own beer served by Dogs

The French beer company Kronenbourg 1664, has decided that today, they will open up a pop-up shop in Soho, London called Bar D'Alsace-tian. they will serve their own beer but there's a catch the beer will be served by dogs.

Alsatian with Kronenburg 1664, Kronenburg1664/Youtube
Alsatian with Kronenburg 1664, Kronenburg1664/Youtube

The types of dogs? Alsatians or German Shepards. The trained Alsatians will have small barrels tied to their collars, the collars are not filled with beer but rather a holder to slot in a bottle of beer. When the dogs are called over by patrons they will bring an ice cold beer fresh out of their barrels.

The pop-up shop will last for two hours and the bottles of beer brought by the Alsatian will be free to drink for the customers, reported by Stuff.

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