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Man Shoots Teen After Toilet Paper Pank

Ronnie Lee Neeley Shoot 16-year-old after he sees them throw toilet paper on neighbours front lawn

The incident occurred on last Saturday, April 23, located in Sylvania, Alabama, reported by WHNT.

Ronnie Lee Neeley, 64, spotted a group of teens throwing toilet paper onto the front lawn of a neighbor's house. He got out of his car and pulled out his gun. He proceeded to fire a couple shots into the air to scare the teens away.

The teens ran into their truck. He then aimed and fired at the tailpipe of the truck, where the 16-year-old was sitting, the 16-year-old was struck in the hip by the bullet Ronnie fired.

Ronnie Lee Neeley, DeKalb County Sheriff's Office
Ronnie Lee Neeley, DeKalb County Sheriff's Office

The teen was rushed to the local hospital, Erlanger Hospital, by emergency services, where he was treated and released from his non-life threatening injuries.

Ronnie now faces charges of menacing, discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle and second-degree assault.

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