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Make A Movie Sick

A new trending topic #MakeAMoviesick has emerged on twitter you have to basically make a movie sick

One of the best ones, @MuggleNet/Twitter
One of the best ones, @MuggleNet/Twitter

The basis of the new trend on twitter is to take traditional movie name such as "The Lord Of The Rings" and make it sick by replacing words with known diseases and illnesses so it would become 'The Lord Of The Ringworms', alright, that one was pretty bad but it was my first try. The words should either have a similar name of an illness or rhyme with each other.

Some people on twitter have been far more imaginative as they have come up with really great and imaginative ways to make a movie sick.

Here's a few of our own:

  • Shingle All The Way - Jingle All the way, the one with Arnold Shawrznegger, a little obscure, I know.
  • Thrush hour - Rush Hour
  • Scabies Day Out - Babies Day Out
  • Excema : Apocolypse - Xmen: Apocolypse
  • The Goutfather - The Godfather
  • Shingles List - Schindler's List

Alright that was the best I could do, but can you do any better, tell us in the comment section below

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