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Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, 18 - 24 April 2016

Countdown of the top 5 weirdest news stories to come out this week

5 - 2 Women Arrested For Leaving Baby In Car While Auditioning At A Strip Club

Baby in the car

A mother goes into a strip club to audition whilst her friend who was supposed to babysit decides to watch the mother of the child perform, leaving the baby locked in the car in blistering heat. Click Here To Read

4 - Mass Hysteria In School After Black Figure Is Seen

mass hysteria

School children and teachers are left in mass hysteria after a black figure is seen accompanied with a  looming presence. Click Here To Read

3 - Man Thinks There's A Burglar, Shoots Up Empty Home With Ak47, Dives Out Of 2nd Storey Window

no burglar

This is a crazy story of a paranoid man who comes back home after a long day at work believing that there is a burglar in his home he breaks into his own home and shoots the pace up only to discover that there wasn't actually a burglar. Click Here To Read


2 - Pet Store Owner Pays Prostitute With A Stolen Primate

zany zoo

A man pays a prostitute with stolen money and gives a bushbaby as a tip for her services. Click Here To Read

1 - High School Basketball Star Found To Be 30 Years Old

Jonathan Nicola

A 30-year-old sudanese immigrant disguises himself as a 17-year-old high schooler to stay in the country. Click Here To Read

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