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New Fart Pad Which Neutralizes The Smell Of Passing Wind

The new fart pad is trending after a weird advertisement for the product hit Youtube

A new product has been released in India, a fart pad called the Gas Odour Neutralizer(GON). The fart-pad is to be worn by men and women who suffer from a flatulence problem. The fart pad is being sold on Gon's Website for 90 Indian rupees(1.358, £0.95) for one pad.

The Fart Pad,
The fart pad,

It is worn underneath a person's underwear, covering the rectum area.

It doesn't stop the fart itself or muffles the sound but rather it does the most crucial bit, it neutralises the smell before anyone can smell it.

The fart pad in use,
The fart pad in use,

Testimonials on GON's Website are highly positive about the product and are given by mostly men. Mr. Bharat Lakhani wrote "Letting it out whenever I want without any hassle, perfect product! It is wow! Never thought a pad could actually stop the fart smell." It must indeed be 'wow'. Mr. Ketan Mehta asserted " I've used this product and to my surprise, it has amazed me. No itching, no discomfort and above all, no embarrassments in the meetings. I will definitely suggest to my colleagues and friends to use this product." No embarrassment in the meetings until afterwards when you tell your colleagues and friends you wear a fart-pad.

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