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Attempted Suicide: Man Shoots Himself 3 Times With A Flare Gun, Fails

Maine man Daniel Abbott tried to kill himself on the highway using a flare gun, is in critical condition in hospital

Daniel Abbot, 65 was driving down Interstate 295 in Freeport, Maine, USA near the Brunswick town line.

Flare Gun, filepicture, Justin Gurbisz
Flare Gun, file picture, Justin Gurbisz/CCBY

He was in a pickup truck where he used a flare gun to shoot himself in the head three times. two motorists stopped to help Daniel as a fire had broken out in the cab of the pickup truck. The pickup truck had been modified to run on propane reports, the fire was getting out of control. The two men put out the fire using fire extinguishers and pulled Mr. Abbot out of his vehicle.

Pick-up truck, Maine State Police
Pick-up truck, Maine State Police

He was then rushed to Maine Medical Center where he was treated for his wounds. he is in currently in serious condition, the police are investigating the incident as an attempted suicide.

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