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Bulldozer Vs Bulldozer, The Fight For The Streets Of China

Two bulldozers from rivalling construction companies battle it out on the streets over construction contracts

China the place where businesses have to fight to the death to earn a contract, not really but the two rivalling construction companies in the video certainly believed so. It is exactly what I imagined transformers to be like if transformers weren't able to transform.

Heavy Construction Vehicles, file picture/dimitrisvetsikas1969
Heavy Construction Vehicles, file picture/dimitrisvetsikas1969

The fight between the companies began over an argument they had over construction contracts. The fight was located just outside of Beijing, China.

The video shows two bulldozers ramming each other causing civilian vehicles to panic and flee the scene. The bulldozers employed a jousting technique using their large ramp to damage each other's vehicles.

At the 35-second mark of the video, one of the bulldozers topples its rival bulldozer onto it's side, the driver is later seen running away from his immobile vehicle.

The clash of bulldozer, HarpSealEagre/Youtube
The clash of bulldozer, HarpSealEagre/Youtube

Subsequently, after the first construction vehicle is brought down, there is a pile-up of at least 5 bulldozers engaging in the battle causing a cloud of dust to partially block the view of the intense scuffle. One of the bulldozers can be seen trying to provide aid to the toppled vehicle by trying to push it back onto its wheels, failing to do so.

The video switches to a different view showing another angle of the vehicular skirmish, it is also revealed that at least two of the bulldozers were toppled over onto their side.

Due to China's economic downslide in recent years, there has bee less investment into China's infrastructure and construction industries from the Chinese government and outside investors, causing lack of employment for workers involved in that sector of industry.

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