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Japans New Trend: Comparing A Babies Arm To A Loaf Of Bread

A new trending topic from japan has emerged where the lines on a babies arm are compared to that of a loaf of bread

Bread loaf and baby arm comparison, @zen_buzz_tweet /Twitter
Bread loaf and baby arm comparison, @zen_buzz_tweet /Twitter

A new trend has emerged out of Japan where new mothers post pictures of their babies arms and display the similarities of the arms to baked bread, the hashtag being used for the trend is #?????????????, which translates to #MyBabysGotTheBestBreadPhoto.

The lines in their fat little arms share a strange resemblance to a pull apart bread, a softer version of a french stick, the stick is usually held up to the babies arm and compared.

The baby below got the bread legs too.


Baby below has the whole package.

If you enjoyed these tweets of chubby Asian children then you'd love the below video of a fat 3-year-old Vietnamese baby eating his meal.

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