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2 Women Arrested For Leaving Baby In Car While Auditioning At A Strip Club

A 13-month-old is rescued from a hot car whilst the baby's mother and her friend audition in a nearby strip club

Mother of the child Kelsey McMurtry, 24, went for an audition at Deja Vu Showgirls strip Club, Nashville, Tennesse with her friend Summer Taylor, 19, who was arranged to be babysitting the child in the car but instead opted to watch her friends audition in the strip club.

Deja Vu Showgirls Strip Club, Google Street View
Deja Vu Strip Club, Google Street View

The child was left in the car for 30 minutes as a police officer noted after checking on the baby girl back and forth. The temperature outside the vehicle was 72F(22C), the estimated temperature inside of the vehicle was estimated to be around 106F(41C), noted by the police officer.

The police officer managed to get the baby out of the vehicle, she was notably wearing a heavy winter coat and was soaking wet in sweat. The baby was taken to the local hospital and is currently under the care of Tennessee child services.

Summer Taylor, 19 and Kelsey McMurty, 24, Metro Nashville Police Department
Summer Taylor, 19 and Kelsey McMurty, 24, Metro Nashville Police Department

The mother and her friend were arrested and charged with child neglect. McMurtry is also charged with criminal impersonation after lying to the police officer of her identity and not having a valid driving license. Summer Taylor's bond is set at $10,000, whilst Kelsey McMurtry's bond is set at $40,000, their court date is set for today.

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