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Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, 11 - 17 April 2016

We lit the top 5 weirdest, wackiest and downright bizarre news stories to come out this week

5 - New Pizza Box Transforms Into A Pipe To Smoke Weed Out Of

Transforming Pizza Box

"Transformers, holds a pizza pie, Transformers, Rollups in disguise!" Click here to read

4 - Kissing Couple Oblivious To Armed Robbery

Kissing couple

Yes, the infamous video of the kissing couple had to make this week's weirdest new stories, it has everything a couple in love, an action scene, an intense standoff and a heist, all that in a two and a half minute long video. Click here to read

3 - The Ultimate Prank Call Leaves Burger King Windowless

Burger King with smashed windows

The Burger King employees believe a prank caller when he says to smash the windows to release pressure from the eatery so it won't explode, you couldn't make it up. Click here to read

2 - Cctv Of A Woman Stealing Jewelry From A Corpse

Woman stealing from a corpse

A truly vile lady peels the jewelry off of the cold hands of an  88-year-old ladies corpse. Click here to read

1 - Three Men Rescued From Remote Island After Writing Help On The Sand

Three men are stuck on a remote island for 3 days after swimming for two miles when their boat capsized. Click here to read

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