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Toddler Defends His Grandma With A Metal Pipe

A cute 3-year-old boy transforms into a pipe-wielding thug when his grandma is confronted by authorities

"Don’t touch my grandma! Go away, don’t touch my grandma!" is what the little toddler is yelling in Chinese when his grandma is confronted by authorities.

The video begins with the suspected 3-year-old is brandishing a pipe twice his size and jolting it back and forth to deter people coming close to his loved one, whilst onlookers are laughing hysterically.


He then screams repeatedly at the officials and at the ten-second mark during the video he throws the metal pipe at the authorities. After another rant at the officials, he is then seated on a sofa behind him where he's calmed down by a passerby.

Toddler with a Metal Pipe, People's Daily ????
Toddler with a Metal Pipe, People's Daily ????

EJ Insight reports that the toddler first was using his fists and his feet to fight off the officials before he grabbed the pipe after officials were trying to remove his grandmother's stall from a roadside.

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