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Synchronized Swimming Ninth Graders Hire Male Stripper For School Banquet

The synchronised swimming team hired a male stripper as a joke for their annual banquet

Roosevelt High School located in Des Moines, Iowa, USA has made the news after a group of ninth graders hired a male stripper to attend their school's synchronized swimming club's annual banquet.

Synchronised swimmers' feet, file picture, Ben Sutherland
Synchronised swimmers' feet, file picture, Ben Sutherland/CCBY

Reports have revealed that the girls hired the stripper as a joke. He began his performance, it's noted that he did not touch any of the girls as he was taking off his clothes and the stripper didn't take all of his clothes off either. During the strippers performance, one of the club's employees requested the stripper to leave as it was deemed inappropriate for the school children.

Roosevelt High School,
Roosevelt High School,

The principal of the school has not yet decided on an appropriate punishment for the girls involved in hiring the stripper.

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