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Kissing Couple Oblivious To Armed Robbery

A couple at a bar are so distracted by each other that they don't notice an armed robbery occurring around them

At the Tap Inn Bar located in Billings, Montana, USA, a couple is spotted on security footage sitting face to face, smooching oblivious to their surroundings. As the couple remains seated in their romantic state, armed robbers, with their faces covered in bandanas, run in the bar demand cash out of the register as all the other patrons inside the bar put their hands up, the oblivious couple remains smooching at the side of the bar.

Couple kiss at the bar,  News365/Youtube
Couple kiss at the bar, News365/Youtube

The bartender can be seen running around the bar and cooperating with the robbers demands. He is told to open the cash register and hand over the cash, all of this occurring around one metre away from the loved up couple. The bartender slowly lowers his hands and grabs the money out of the register and hands it to the robbers. 

Location of the robbery: Tap-inn bar, Google Street View
Location of the robbery: Tap-inn bar, Google Street View

The robbers circled the bar before leaving, the couple's release from their embrace, noticing their surroundings, catch a glimpse of the robbery occurring before the robbers escape out the door.

It has been undisclosed how much money was taken from the bar, the police have not caught the suspects as of yet.

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