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Goat Renting In Japan

A Japanese company is offering a goat-renting service to customers who need a friend or a natural lawn mower

There's plenty of weird services in Japan that you can purchase from cuddle cafes, where patrons can hire a cuddler for a couple of minutes, to a renting a friend service, where lonely freindless people can achieve fake friendship for a couple of hours but this new service is a lot weirder, ok, not a lot weirder a little weirder. 

Goat rental advertisement in Japan, Yagi Rental
Goat rental advertisement in Japan, Yagi Rental

The Japanese have now got an option to rent a goat so they can... so they can? Well, so they can have Goat for a short time without the pressures of having a goat for a long time.

The goats have been advertised as great natural lawn mowers, that can reach those hard to get places and cuddly friends.

Renting a goat isn't all that crazy, it probably still is, after Amazon Japan rented goats to keep their lawn tidy in 2013.

Goats at Amazon Japan HQ,
Goats at Amazon Japan HQ,

If you live in Japan and would like to rent your own goat head on over to Rental Yagi.

After some digging around, I found some goat-renting services if you live in the US, particularly California just head on over here if you're interested. Watch the video below for more, rentable goats.

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