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Man Caught Letting Two Year Old Drive Car, High Speed Chase

Chester Allen was caught letting his two-year-old drive his car, the police arrive, he leads them on a high-speed chase

Chester Allen, 25, from Monroe, Louisiana, USA was being pulled over on a Saturday night for a broken tail light. What the deputies spotted was a little extraordinary. Chester was letting his two-year-old son drive his car whilst he was sitting in the passenger seat, his 5-year-old was seated in the back seat.

Chester Allen,  Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office
Chester Allen, Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office

Chester panicked when he saw the deputies so he removed his son from the driving seat and sped off towards his home with the police officers hot on his heels. Chester eventually stopped the vehicle and was arrested.

Chester Allen, KNOE
Chester Allen, KNOE

Mr. Allen was arrested and now faces four charges, one being of child endangerment and the other being aggravated flight from an officer. His bond has been set at $650.

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