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Top 5 News Of The Week 27 - 02 April 2016

A countdown of the weirdest news stories to surface this week.

5 - Man Pays $508 A Month To Live In A Wooden Box


A strange man saves on rent by living in a wooden box he calls a pod in his friends living room. Click Here To View

4 - Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping, To Use Ransom Money For Drugs

Fake kidnapping

Man fakes his own kidnapping, claims kidnappers will kill him if his family don't send $150, so he could use the money to pay for drugs. Click Here To View

3 - Man Shoots Lawnmower Full Of Explosives, Loses Leg

Lawnmower Aftermath

Shooting enthusiast blows his own leg off after packing a lawnmower with too much explosives and standing farr too close to the target when shooting. Click Here To View

2 - Drunken Mom Arrested After Allowing Her 3 Children Get Tattoos

Ashley Weir

Drunken mom allows her under 13 children to receive tattoos from a registered sex offender. Click Here To View

1 - Man Drives For 6 Miles With Wife Screaming On Top Of Car

Richard Addy

A hilarious story of a drunk driver, driving with his wife on the roof of his SUV after having an argument with her and trying to leave the bar without her. Click Here To View

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