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Man Shoots Lawnmower Full Of Explosives, Loses Leg

Man uses a lawnmower full of Tannerite explosives as target practice, loses leg from the explosion

David Presley from Walton County, Georgia, USA, has lost a leg after taking part in a target shooting exercise.

The man shot at a lawnmower packed with Tannerite explosives, this explosive is commonly used in target shooting, to further the excitement of the shooter. The shrapnel from the explosive-packed lawnmower severed David Presley's leg causing him to lose it.

Lawnmower Aftermath
Lawnmower Aftermath, 11alive

The suggested use of Tannerite explosives should be less than a pound of explosives and the shooter should stand 100 yards from the explosive object, to be safe from the blast radius. On the other hand, David Presley packed his disused lawnmower with over 3 pounds of the explosive powder and shot standing 25 yards away, causing him to be severely injured in the blast.

The whole target shooting practice and the subsequent explosion was recorded by two teenagers via their phones, they were left uninjured by the blast.

Neighbour who claimed she heard the blast said "It shook the whole house so I thought it was not very normal,I heard him scream and so I came downstairs and we were all like looking out the front window", reported by WSBTV.

David Presley was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta but lost his leg due to the incident and now is recovering from his injuries

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