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Woman tries to sell her 2004 Mini Cooper giving a very honest description of her vehicle

A man from china had a genius idea to speed his transporting times

Crowds gathered to see the landing of Antonov An-225 Mriya in Perth

A Kenyan Man holds on to the landing skis of a helicopter as it takes off in an act of protest

Ashley Goldson steals a bagel truck and leads police on a 3 county chase

CCTV footage of unprovoked attack on British family by group of thugs

An airport worker is fired from his job, he decides to take his anger out on a stationed plane

Maine man Daniel Abbott tried to kill himself on the highway using a flare gun, is in critical condition in hospital

An unruly drunk passenger filmed defying air attendees and yelling obscenities is removed from filght

Three men are stuck on a remote island for 3 days after swimming for two miles when their boat capsized

Chester Allen was caught letting his two-year-old drive his car, the police arrive, he leads them on a high-speed ch...

A driver escaped his truck after it was dangling off the edge of a cliff immediately gets struck by a bus

Wife tries to cling on to the car as her husband allegedly claims to not notice her

An elderly lady allegedly broke into a neighbour's house and threatened him over where he parked his truck

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