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A man dressed as a tree is arrested after he attempts to block traffic whilst pretending to be a plant

A suspected drunk driver crashed into a medical helicopter over the weekend

A car washer turns the tables on thief trying to steal from a car wash

Police responding to an emergency a helped by a learner driver to reach their destination

A BMW E30 Enthusiast parked his car inside his living room during Hurricane Matthew

A man was spotted riding on a big wheel through Interstate 76 in Philadelphia

Taylor Wade Parker shot his own tires out after a shot went off when he his shotgun out of the window

Typhoon Megi has left a trail of carnage, here are some of the most bizarre standout moments

An angry flyer is suing Emirates after making him sit next to a fat passenger in economy class

A small skydiving plane lands on top of a house and surprisingly everyone in the plane and the residents of the hous...

A driver,Bruce Dewey, who was currently in a police chase dialed them to stop pursuing him

An epic duel of stubbornness occurs on top of a single lane bridge, only one driver can prevail

An SUV crashes into a convenience store at a Shell gas station injuring the clerk

Carnival Vista's departure cause large waves to destroy boats in the nearby Italian Marina

A transit officer pulls a man from a train track seconds before a train approaches

The suspect, Logan Younger, escapes police handcuffs, the police cruiser crashes and logan flies out the back window

Florida sheriff is pulled over for speeding by civilian

A police car was struck on its side and flipped over after attempting to chase a vehicle which ran a red light

The odds are looking pretty good for the train, but i like to see underdogs win

Footage of a man who missed his flight trying to chase the stationed plane by running on the tarmac

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