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The things men do to impress women can get kind of dangerous

A man broke into a couple's apartment and watched over them as they slept before stealing a purse

A man who identifies as a woman was spotted taking pictures of women in their changing facilities in Target

Woman spends the night with another man tells the police that she's been abducted so her husband doesn't find out th...

wife cuts husbands penis off after finding out he was cheating with a close friend of hers

Saudi Man arrested after shooting male doctor after he assisted in wife delivery

An emotional clip of a girl asking the man who raised her to be her adoptive father

A video clip has surfaced online of a man driving past a woman throwing golf balls at her after being turned down

Rosaire Francois is arrested after attempting to rip her boyfriends balls off.

A couple at a bar are so distracted by each other that they don't notice an armed robbery occurring around them

A village of young men has erupted in protest after no women wants to marry them

Nurse has had to surrender her nursing license after being found guilty of taking a picture of a patient's penis

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