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A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of July 2017

A mother, who is a getaway driver, brings her child to a bank robbery at a convenience store

A bank robber $4,700 but a red dye pack exploded which made him strip naked and throw his earnings in the streets

a 65-year-old woman had a fare dispute with a taxi driver, in revenge, she stole his taxi and picked up passengers

A man claims a woman was shot, in a guise to get the police to help him find his cell phone

A mom has been arrested after she was spotted towing her kids in a wagon behind her car

A robber and a store owner have a sword and broom handle fight, who won? Find out now

A North Carolina priest gets into a road rage incident in Florida, he points a gun in a fit of rage

A pregnant woman launches a cupcake at the brother after a disagreement, her brother allegedly beats her

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of June 2017

A Florida man is arrested after he threatens a politician on social media

A security guard makes an attempt to pull over a real officer by flashing a badge at the cop, it doesn't go as he pl...

A mother has been arrested after she attempted to abandon her 2-year-old, exclaiming 'I can't do it'

A woman smeared her poop on a church's front door, broke some of its windows because the church leader was attacking...

A man who had robbed a Jack In The Box came back and requested a job application, one problem, some employees recogn...

A woman dials 911 after a restaurant did not cook her chicken nuggets quick enough

A woman is caught on surveillance footage allegedly trying to steal donated clothes from a donation bin outside of a...

A baggy jean wearing thief packed his pants with 15 motor oil bottles and 30 DVDs

A naked woman on drugs was arrested after fleeing into a church claiming that Jesus was chasing her

A man break into a business steals a carton of milk, a throw blanket and spends 19 hours wondering lounging

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